Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reads: The Ghost Riders of Ordebec

This was the first Commissaire Adamsberg mystery I have read. I guess it is the 9th in the series. There will be a 10th coming out this year -- if it's not already I didn't do that much research into it.

The reason I picked it up was because it was on the "new" shelf at the library (I've come to the conclusion that the "new" shelf does not hold all that new of books and I wonder how long they are considered new...) and I liked the title and cover, read the back and checked it out.

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec (Commissaire Adamsberg, #9)

This is a modern day murder mystery which stars Commissaire Adamsberg as a Chief of Police in Paris, an aspect I really liked as I am a bit of a Francophile and pretty much like anything based in France.

While walking back to headquarters one day he notices both a pigeon and a petite older woman on the steps. His interest is piqued by both. By the latter because she eludes to something tragic happening in her town of Ordebec -- later he finds out it's because of the mysterious legend of The Ghost Riders and by the former because the pigeon won't move because some jerk had tied a piece of string around its feet.

Adamsberg finds himself swept up in the cryptic goings-on in Ordebec and agrees to assist in the search and find out the truth. He brings in members of his team, which are all quirky characters in themselves and help make the story enjoyable. I particularly like Danglard, who is a wine drinking, prone to melancholy know-it-all. But his know-it-all-ness isn't the "ummm actually" waving a finger kind of know-it-all-ness but the quiet kind which is probably why Adamsberg turns to him a lot.

Right before Adamsberg is ready to leave for Ordebec another homicide takes place. This one involves a fire and all the signs point to the local arsonist. Adamsberg has a "bubble of energy" which makes him think that all is not as it seems.

While in Ordebec bodies start piling up and Adamsberg has to dig deeper than just the Ghost Riders or Furious Army.

The story did kind of drag in parts and that's when I turned to another book I was reading. Once I really decided to just focus on this one I pretty much flew through it. When I finished today I was satisfied with the ending and I grew to really like Adamsberg and his whole round-a-bout way of thinking.

I will be looking for the others in this series. My understanding is that they are all kinda supernatural in nature.

Perplexing events happening in Paris with peculiar people??

Count me in.