Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Song for Saturday

On Saturdays I want to slow things down a bit (or give a little pep in your step - depending on your day!) and bring a little music into your day.

Today's pick is a song that has been stuck in mine and the BF's head for the past week and with my Friday Film Review post yesterday it seems highly appropriate to start this series off with this classic song.

This is a song that I remember listening to when I was younger - a lot younger *haha* - my mom had this album and I would play it and Phil Collins album Face Value quite a bit.

Hey Mom....I bet you know exactly what song I'm about to play!!

This is also a voice that I have always tried to emulate - probably because of my "impressionable youth" *ha* I thought she had a cool smoky voice.

BF thinks I should sing this one night at karaoke. *hmmmm....I don't know about that...haha*

Awesome! Right?!

I still really like her voice and this song.

Karaoke is tonite.....maybe juuuuust maybe......

Till next time....

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Film Review: Charade

Last night the BF and I watched Charade.

It's a film from 1963 starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Basically it's about 6 people who are looking for $250,00 that Regina's (A.H.'s character) murdered husband stole and hid. If you are really clever you'll know where the money is within the first 15-20 minutes of the movie.
Walter Matthau and James Cogburn also star, plus some other guy that I recognize but don't know the name. And if you've seen the movie it's the dude with the hook hand....who the hell is that?!

Allright, so here we go....

First off, I fell asleep twice. The first time was right after Regina (Audrey Hepburn) got accosted in a phone booth. Which was a really silly scene because the bad guy kept lighting matches and tossing them into her lap and she would say "Stop! Please just stop!" as she is brushing them away. My thought was "Why don't you just blow them out?"

The second time was right near the end, like the last 10-15 minutes, seriously. Right when we're finding out who exactly Cary Grant's character is and what does Mr. Bartholomew have to do with everything. I woke up and the title screen was on. Soooo....I have no idea how it ended. I asked BF this morning what happened and he said he fell asleep too.

For those of you who have seen it....what happens?? *laughing*

I asked BF what he thought of it and he was like *shoulder shrug* " was allright."

What did I think?

When I was younger I really liked Audrey Hepburn. I thought she was beautiful and I liked the few movies I saw her in. But now.....?

I'm older and can't stand it. Her character in Charade was vapid, naïve and just plain irritating. Two days into knowing Cary Grant's character (His name kept changing thoughout the movie and since I fell asleep I don't know who he really is) she's sitting on his lap telling him she loves him! I was like "What?! It's only been two days, girl!" BF just laughed. Plus Regina had never heard of the CIA and kept calling it CIO. Which irritated me too.

Regina is not someone I would probably be friends with. (Although her wardrobe was to die for, it was all Givenchy. Classic Givenchy at that. *drool*)

Looking back at Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly Golightly is also vapid and irritating. I guess Audrey Hepburn's movies are meant to be fun and light hearted but looking back on them with a more mature eye I shake my head at the silliness.

A few weeks ago I came across an article on . Now the writers on this site can be a bit, well.... "assholey" but I like to peruse the site and read an article or two just for the hell of it. The article was called "Why You Must Avoid Flaky "Holly Golightly" Girls At All Costs." Basically it says how these girls are typically hot, bohemian, getting by on someone else's dollar and users and to "steer clear" of them at all costs.

Now I don't believe everything in that article or even agree with it but if you don't take the writer, Troy Francis, seriously it's actually a funny read. And you might even know someone who fits that description - I know I do!

I don't know where I was going with all this.....

Just that now that I'm older (and a teeny bit wiser) I'll pass on the Hepburn movies....

Give me Bette Davis any day.

Till next time....

One *Skirt*, Two Looks

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to another thrilling installment of One *blank* Two Loooooks..... *echo, echo, echo*

Today features a jean skirt that I bought at Goodwill Thrift Store.

Actually both outfits are full on thrift or consignment wear.

Let's get started......

Outfit #1:

The skirt is dark blue made out of stretchy jean material. It has front and back pockets, zip-fly and belt loops. The label name is Dana Buchman (never heard of it) and I paid around $3.

For work I paired it with this army greenish blouse, a mint green cardy and black flats.

What I liked: The skirt is very stretchy and comfy, I feel like I bend and move without feeling restricted. It is also an appropriate length for work. I really like the blouse (it's also a thrift store find), it's soft and has a stretchy bottom, the sleeves are almost a cap-sleeve so it'll be good during the summer.

What I didn't like: The shoes. They are okay but extremely flat and no cushion so they are not good for work.

Outfit #2:

"I scoff at no loitering signs"

This time I paired it with a grey T, burgundy cardy and hiking boots.

"Ummm....there's a bug on me"

What I liked: Everything. The T is soft and worn-in, it's going to become a go-to staple piece I can tell already. My boots are Candies and sooooo comfortable. I practically want to wear them with everything and everywhere. Once these ones wear out I'm definitely buying another pair.

What I didn't like: My white legs!! Holy cows!! Also, the weather warmed up so I ended up taking off my cardy so them my boots didn't match..... *laughing*....I'm just being nitpicky.

Which one do you like best?

I also just found out that I might have been tying my shoes wrong this whole time!!! 

Have you seen this video?

I never knew! Although I showed this to BF and he was like "I already tie my shoes like that." *hmmmm*

What's funny is that the day I watched this vid I had tied my boots like this:

Who knew?....I've been tying 'em wrong this whole time! *laughing*

Till next time.....

Friday, May 29, 2015

One *Blouse*, Two Looks

Hi guys.

I'm back.

Wow....has it been a month already since I last posted?

Time does fly.

Other than working, I have been thinking about this blog. I like to have a schedule so I've been tinkering with what to post and when and then this morning inspiration struck.

I got dressed, like I do every morning, then turned on my laptop while sipping a cup of coffee. I noticed that on the desktop there where some pictures of an outfit I wore last week or so. The inspiration came when I realized I was wearing the same blouse in the pics.

So....."One <insert article of clothing here>, Two Looks" was born!

This a feature I'm really excited about actually. I just recently went spring "haul" shopping and so coming up with different looks will be fun. My plan is to do this feature every Thursday.

Hope you have as much as I'm sure I will.

Let's get started!

Bought at Goodwill for $3. Not something I wouldn't normally buy because of the floral pattern, but I liked the style and I wanted to buy things out of my norm.

Wore it for the first time with light brown shorts (which were also bought at the same time), a pink tank, grey lace patterned tights and mary janes.

What I liked:
Everything is very comfy and the shirts don't ride up the thighs and are a perfect fit. The blouse on is really cute and I'm glad I bought it.

What I didn't:
My tights. They developed a hole in the upper thigh area. My shorts would cover it if I pulled up my tights really really high. Hence the bathroom was time to "Urkel-ize" my tights again.

I also don't like that the blouse is pretty loose in the front, there is no wearing it without a tank because everyone would get quite the view if I bent over in the slightest.


Today was an overcast slightly rainy day so I wore it with indigo colored jeggings, a white tank and brown boots.

Sorry for the blurriness of the bf took these and he just kept snapping away...these were the best of the bunch! :p *haha*

What I liked:
Everything. Again. (pretty much...see below) and my hair. I parted in three sections in the front, twisted them back a little and then held each one in place with a bobby pin. I then the back of my hair and twisted it up in bun with a few bobby pins, tied this blue ribbon around and voila...I thought I looked pretty cute.

What I didn't:
My boots. They are about half a size too big so they kinda slide around a bit and my foot flops in there. I bought them knowing that but just thought I would wear thick socks with them. Never happened. Now I just go ahead and wear them.
My necklace. The two chains kept getting twisted up throughout the day and would have to periodically untangle them.
The time this picture was took. I look really really tired. I'm not though...was just cleaning and rearranging all day....

What way do you like better? I pretty much like both *shrug*

And lastly....dum dee dummmm....nail polish of the week!!!  *laughing*

Wet n Wild: Who is Ultra Violet?

I look forward to next week....already have an item of clothing in mind.

Till then....


*This is technically a day late but my computer crashed last night right before I went to publish. Of course. Hopefully I'll redeem myself by posting twice today to catch up..... :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reads: The Ghost Riders of Ordebec

This was the first Commissaire Adamsberg mystery I have read. I guess it is the 9th in the series. There will be a 10th coming out this year -- if it's not already I didn't do that much research into it.

The reason I picked it up was because it was on the "new" shelf at the library (I've come to the conclusion that the "new" shelf does not hold all that new of books and I wonder how long they are considered new...) and I liked the title and cover, read the back and checked it out.

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec (Commissaire Adamsberg, #9)

This is a modern day murder mystery which stars Commissaire Adamsberg as a Chief of Police in Paris, an aspect I really liked as I am a bit of a Francophile and pretty much like anything based in France.

While walking back to headquarters one day he notices both a pigeon and a petite older woman on the steps. His interest is piqued by both. By the latter because she eludes to something tragic happening in her town of Ordebec -- later he finds out it's because of the mysterious legend of The Ghost Riders and by the former because the pigeon won't move because some jerk had tied a piece of string around its feet.

Adamsberg finds himself swept up in the cryptic goings-on in Ordebec and agrees to assist in the search and find out the truth. He brings in members of his team, which are all quirky characters in themselves and help make the story enjoyable. I particularly like Danglard, who is a wine drinking, prone to melancholy know-it-all. But his know-it-all-ness isn't the "ummm actually" waving a finger kind of know-it-all-ness but the quiet kind which is probably why Adamsberg turns to him a lot.

Right before Adamsberg is ready to leave for Ordebec another homicide takes place. This one involves a fire and all the signs point to the local arsonist. Adamsberg has a "bubble of energy" which makes him think that all is not as it seems.

While in Ordebec bodies start piling up and Adamsberg has to dig deeper than just the Ghost Riders or Furious Army.

The story did kind of drag in parts and that's when I turned to another book I was reading. Once I really decided to just focus on this one I pretty much flew through it. When I finished today I was satisfied with the ending and I grew to really like Adamsberg and his whole round-a-bout way of thinking.

I will be looking for the others in this series. My understanding is that they are all kinda supernatural in nature.

Perplexing events happening in Paris with peculiar people??

Count me in.